Business to Business Research

Business to business research (B2B) is inevitably more complex than consumer research because of the sheer nature of the decision making process, the complexity of products and services and the sampling processes required to ensure a rigorous outcome.

We regularly research micro businesses through to ASX300 companies using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Product and Ad Testing

Marketing and new product development is an expensive business, and as costs escalate, the risk of getting it wrong grows.

Minimising this risk through product and price point testing helps fine tune the execution and potentially make or break a business.

Customer Satisfaction

The popularity of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty research remains high as a key business improvement driver.

Effective research in this area requires a good understanding of the philosophies driving the research including Net Promoter Score, Six Sigma, Servqual and so on. We have conducted research in this area for over 50 organisations from FMCG to government bodies, service companies and manufacturing companies.

Brand Research

A brand is the sum total of all that is known, thought, felt and perceived about a company, service or product.

Brand research in itself is a wide and diverse area. Gundabluey Research looks at critical elements of the brand journey including:

The Research Society

Australian Data and Insights Association