Product and Ad Testing

Marketing and new product development is an expensive business, and as costs escalate, the risk of getting it wrong grows.

Minimising this risk through product and price point testing helps fine tune the execution and potentially make or break a business.

Utilising qualitative and quantitative techniques, Gundabluey Research addresses a number of business issues through its research including:

  • Concept evaluation testing to determine feasibility of the product and product ‘tweaks’
  • Product comparison testing to identify strengths and weaknesses of different products already on the market
  • Pricing research including choice modelling, conjoint analysis and van Westerndorp pricing techniques

Because we are not tied to a particular methodological approach, Gundabluey Research uses a range of techniques including online discussion groups, diaries, online quantitative surveys, mobile research and more.

Branded Community panels are becoming increasingly important in this area as a way of using your most loyal customers to identify new product developments and enhancements. These advocates know your brand, love your brand, know what fits, so why not use them to develop the future success of your products and services.

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